Beginnings //

The Lincoln Avenue Brewery Backstory

Point of Origin //

Saylor’s Story

Welcome, friends! We are so glad you’re here. Grab a pint and a seat by the front windows.
They face Lincoln Avenue, the brewery’s namesake. We grew up here in Bellevue, so it made sense to plant
our brewery where we already have roots. We would love to tell you the story of LAB.

Grant, Lisa, and the Crew

Grant and Lisa are high school sweethearts who grew up in Bellevue. They’ve raised their three kids—Shane, Tori, and Bethany— here. Lincoln Avenue Brewery is a family affair, and all their children are involved in the business now. The Saylors have come to view their staff as family, too. 

The Saylors have always dreamed of opening a restaurant. They initially thought they would do it over a decade ago, but life got in the way. They spent time raising kids and investing in this community in different ways. Grant completed a season of military service as well as spent years in the corporate world, while Lisa focused on her nursing career. 

In 2019, a dentist’s office on Lincoln Avenue became available. Growing up in Bellevue, the Saylors remembered when the spot was Sheet’s Chicken and later a Baskin Robbins. Standing in the outdated space, the couple could see beyond the water-stained drop ceilings and outdated exam chairs. They could see what they had been dreaming for years- a community space they could fill with friends, both new and old. Community members volunteered over 1000 hours to help the Saylors renovate the space. They handsomely rewarded them for their commitment with beer, of course.  While the couple didn’t plan to open just before a global pandemic brought the restaurant industry screeching to a halt, they thankfully weathered that storm with the support of this amazing community. 

Grant has been brewing beer in their home for years and discovered he had a talent for it. Well, not in their home, because at first, Lisa could not stand the smell of fermentation. He perfected his art outside of their kitchen and honed his skills thanks to the supportive brewing community he found. Over time, Lisa has come to love the smell of their brews fermenting. Read more about the food and beverages.

The Saylors treat everyone who walks through their doors like family. Whether it is customers who reconnect with old friends over dinner or who meet new friends mingling at the bar, the Saylors achieved their dream of creating a space that fosters the sense of community that is so central to Bellevue.