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“OMG They’ve done it again. They’ve reinvented food.”

– Actual Customer

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When you step into Lincoln Avenue Brewery, the first thing that hits you are the aromas. From handcrafted brews to a seasonal rotation of locally sourced food and in-house cocktail infusions, it’s impossible to walk out the doors without a new favorite menu item. 

When it’s warm and the local veggies are plentiful, our menu is full of light, fresh fare to pair with a crisp brew on a hot night. We’ve cooked up tuna summer rolls and farfalle tossed with feta and fresh garden vegetables, to name a few favorites. Once the weather cools off, we heat things with comfort food like chili and chicken pot pie, using local meat and vegetables whenever we can  We also have a weekly rotation that means you might have to join us a few nights in a row. Reuben Tuesday, Burger Wednesday, and Cheesesteak Thursday feature steady favorites as well as new twists. Don’t miss our Sunday brunch, either. From huevos rancheros to Nashville Hot chicken-and-waffles, we end your weekend on a delicious note so that you can are ready for the week ahead. 

Of course, we have our speciality brews and hand-crafted cocktails to pair with all our meals. If you’re taking food to go, don’t forget to take a growler with you.

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Experience //

Sunday Brunch


This menu is only available on Sunday from 11 am to 3 pm. Brought to you by Lincoln Avenue Brewery and La Palapa.

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