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The Brews

There are no wrong choices at LAB. In fact, we have so many great choices that we know you will visit often to get a chance to try them all. 

The Classic L-A-B Pour
Jalapeno Butternut Hash

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When you step into Lincoln Avenue Brewery, the first thing that hits you are the aromas. From handcrafted brews to a seasonal rotation of locally sourced food and in-house cocktail infusions, it’s impossible to walk out the doors without a new favorite menu item.

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Meet your friends or bring your family.
There’s always something happening at Lincoln Avenue Brewery.
Join us for a range of memorable events.

The Classic L-A-B Pour

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Welcome, friends! We are so glad you’re here. Grab a pint and a seat by the front windows. They face Lincoln Avenue, the brewery’s namesake. We grew up here in Bellevue, so it made sense to plant our brewery where we already have roots. 

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Get exclusive shirts, growlers, and other
merchandise to show your L.A.B. pride.

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